Construction Recruitment: Comparing Temporary and Permanent Placement

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Construction Recruitment: Comparing Temporary and Permanent Placement

Construction Recruitment: Comparing Temporary and Permanent Placement

25 January 2017
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There are numerous factors that you must consider if you are recruiting new employees for your construction business or project. One of the major concerns in this sector is whether you should engage a temporary- or a permanent-placement employee. Your choice can affect the hiring process, the efficiency of running the company, and the long-term financial and legal repercussions. Here is a short comparison of the critical aspects of temporary and permanent placement in the construction industry.

Permanent Placement

If you are looking to fill a high-level vacancy in your company, you should consider choosing permanent placement recruitment. As implied, when you hire a candidate for the role, there will be no trial period for the position. This option is ideal because you will not need to expend more resources on searching for a new employee after a short period. This will eliminate the inconvenience and the costs of advertising and handling the hiring process again. On the other hand, the recruitment process for a permanent employee takes extensive time and significant monetary resources. Moreover, once the candidate is employed, it is not easy to reverse the decision.

Temporary Placement

Temporary placement roles are popular in the construction industry. This can be attributed to the fluctuating labour requirements and the short-term contracts. Moreover, companies often need temporary employees to fill in for those who are on leave or unavailable due to other extenuating circumstances. Therefore, if you need interim workers for your company, you should consider this recruitment method. The primary advantage attached to choosing this option is the lack of permanent obligation. This means that there are fewer documents to process, and you are not legally required to keep the individuals as employees. Unfortunately, temporary placement is problematic because you will have to help new employees adapt to the environment every time.

The Verdict

Permanent placement roles provide an opportunity for stability for your company. However, good candidates for this type of employment are difficult to find. If you are uncertain about the choice, you can discuss the option for a probationary period. Temporary recruitment is not suitable for high-level positions unless the situation is critical. When looking for short-term workers, consider using labour hire instead of normal staffing.

You should note that finding, attracting, and selecting the right candidates for the pertinent roles can be challenging. Therefore, you should consider partnering with a staffing or recruitment agency that specialises in the construction industry. This recruitment option will be cheaper and more convenient in comparison to using in-house resources. 

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