Timber Species You Could Use to Construct Your Verandah

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Timber Species You Could Use to Construct Your Verandah

Timber Species You Could Use to Construct Your Verandah

27 October 2016
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If you are considering the installation of a verandah on your property, one of the popular materials you could opt for is timber. However, choosing timber as your preferred material is not simply about telling your contractors and leaving it up to them. You then have to make a choice on what type of timber would be best suited for your needs as well as your budget. There are a wide assortment of timber species suitable for this type of application. The following are some of the various species that you could use.

Treated pine timber

If you are trying to be economical with your choice of timber species, treated pine would be an ideal option to consider. Although relatively new in the market, this type of wood has steadily grown in popularity. Other than being an affordable option, treated pine has the advantage of being able to take to staining as well as painting well. This gives you the flexibility to have your verandah in any colour that you would prefer, making it easier for you to have your verandah either match or complement your home.

It should be noted, though, that some types of treated pine may deteriorate prematurely if they come into direct contact with the earth. Therefore, it would be advisable to first establish the H rating of the wood to determine if it can be installed directly into the ground or if you would need to raise your verandah with posts made from different materials.

Stringy bark timber

This type of timber is popular due to the different natural colour variations that it offers ranging from red to yellow and even white. However, the different types of stringy bark will have different capabilities when it comes to outdoor use. For example, if your verandah is exposed to the elements, then you should consider the red variety of stringy bark. This is one of the more durable types of this wood. However, it is also the most expensive alternative and can be difficult to come by.

The second option you could consider for outdoor use would be the yellow stringy bark. It is suitable for uncovered verandahs, but you would have to employ maintenance measures such as sealing it to prolong its lifespan. The last option, white stringy bark, is the least durable option for outdoor use. Nevertheless, it is the cheapest option if you are on a tight budget. If you would prefer the white stringy bark, ensure that your verandah is sheltered from the elements by installing awnings or some other form of roofing.

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