How to Fix Cracked Plaster

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How to Fix Cracked Plaster

How to Fix Cracked Plaster

9 December 2016
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Cracked ceilings are often simply part of an old home. As the ceilings age, they hang down and begin to form breaks along the edge of the plaster. You can fix a crack in your ceiling, but if your plasterboard ceiling repairs are for something more serious, such as a sagging ceiling, you should have a professional come to your home and perform this service.

Materials Necessary

Here are the materials you need to gather before you begin working on the cracked ceiling.

  • Measuring tape
  • Window screen material
  • Scissors
  • Drywall screws
  • Plaster washers
  • Screwdriver
  • Premixed joint compound
  • Trowel
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer

Depending on the size of the crack, you may need more premixed joint compound, drywall screws, and plaster washers. 

Prepare the Space

Before you begin using the joint compound, which will act as a glue to hold the sides together, you will need to take a few steps so that you are ready to act quickly once the joint compound is in place. Measure the length and width of the crack or cracks. Cut window screen material wider and longer than the cracks. You can cut the window screen material in strips if the crack is extremely long. It is better to have too much of the window screen than too little.

Now, you are ready to begin placing the drywall screws. Place the plaster washer on the drywall screw, then use your screwdriver to begin screwing the drywall screw into the plaster and the lath behind it. Continue screwing in drywall screws along the edge of the crack. Give a few inches of space between each screw and a few centimeters of space between the screw and the crack.

Repair the Drywall Crack

Begin covering the ceiling with the premixed joint compound using your trowel. Do not be afraid to use too much. You need to cover the drywall screws as well as the crack. Try to make the compound as smooth as possible.

Press the window screen into the joint compound and let the whole contraption dry for one full day. If the first layer turns out to be uneven, use a little more and let it dry again. Sand with sandpaper to make the area even and smooth all around. User primer paint to cover the ceiling and the area where the crack was. If you wish, you can follow the primer with paint that matches your ceiling's color.

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