Top 5 Little-Known Mistakes Mobile Locksmiths Make

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Top 5 Little-Known Mistakes Mobile Locksmiths Make

Top 5 Little-Known Mistakes Mobile Locksmiths Make

9 December 2016
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Security is very essential in any household or organization. With the number of break-ins and home robberies happening daily, locksmiths have become a crucial part of our lives in ensuring homes are safe and secure. However, not all locksmiths provide us with ultimate solutions to our needs. Once in a while, a locksmith might forget to fix something or miscalculate a certain risk. Here are some of the mistakes common to a mobile locksmith that might cost you a fortune. You can use this information to choose a locksmith who is a good fit for you.

Dead-Bolt Installation

Most mobile locksmiths don't have enough experience to undertake dead-bolt installation tasks. A common mistake that most locksmiths make is installing a dead bolt close to a window. This is a grave mistake, since if any unsavory character wanted to get into your home, they would just break the glass on the window and easily reach out to unlatch the dead bolt. Locksmiths should opt for a double-cylinder lock, since with this type of lock, no one can gain access to the home without a key.

Re-keying Disasters

Though not common with professional locksmiths, installation woes are a great setback. A locksmith who doesn't have a lot of experience or a DIY homeowner might face carpentry mishaps while repairing a lock or latch, and this in the long run ends up costing you much more in fees than you would have had to pay with any locksmith's price. It is advisable that homeowners who consider themselves DIY locksmiths to always take great precaution while undertaking these tasks to avoid extra damages.

Testing the Door Lock but Forgetting the Keys

After installing a lock, some locksmiths only realize when it is too late that they forgot to grab the keys, thus locking themselves out. Before testing a new lock, any mobile locksmith should ensure they have the keys with them.

Wrong Measurements

When replacing locks and deadbolts, a locksmith might get the wrong orientation. They might place the bolt improperly only to realize this after the screws have been fixed. In cases where there are holes that require drilling or any measurements that need to be made, a mobile locksmith should always ensure accuracy to prevent misalignment of locks. Proper beveling ensures that the door closes properly with the door jamb.

Not Reading and Following Instructions

Most locksmiths neglect reading user manuals and instructions that come with locks. These instructions are intended to guide the user on better installation processes and how to handle the locks. If the locksmiths neglect to follow instructions, they will install the locks inappropriately, thus either damaging them or compromising the homeowners' security.

It is vital for a 24-hour locksmith to take note of the above mistakes before embarking on a project. This will prevent grave security issues in the long run. DIY homeowners can also heed the tales of the above mistakes to avoid making them too.

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