Various Types of Automatic Door Locks

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Various Types of Automatic Door Locks

Various Types of Automatic Door Locks

12 December 2016
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Have you ever wondered whether there are different types of door locks other than the traditional key locks? Well, the advancement in technology and numerous inventions over the years have led to the creation of automatic door locks. Technology has been applied to increasing the security levels of access control, which enables users to close and open locks automatically through keyless and remote capabilities. These kind of locks can be programmed to close and open at specific times during the day without human supervision. The technology in automatic door locks links together intrusion, panic, fire-alarm and house-sensor systems to allow or deny access to people in particular areas. If you need to go shopping for automatic door locks, below are some examples available in the market today.

Wireless locks

Wireless locks can be controlled and manipulated easily by using a tablet or smartphone. Through wireless technology, you can lock or unlock various access points in your house or business from a remote location, receive instant notification on arrival times and monitor the rate of access of the doors installed with wireless locks. This lock can be programmed to close and open at definite times during the day without any supervision. Through remote access of the lock, you can control who accesses your home or business even if you will not be in your house or business.

Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic lock, which is also known as Maglock, is made of an electromagnetic plate and an armature, which merge and automatically lock the door when it is closed. The Maglock works when the armature component is attached to the electromagnet in the door frame. An electric current passes through the lock and attracts the armature component that automatically locks the door. However, this type of lock does not consist of interlocking components, and that makes it an unsuitable lock to be used in exceptionally high-security instances. Furthermore, merely interrupting the home's or business's power supply bypasses this lock.

Electric deadbolt locks

Electric deadbolt locks are locks that consist of a direct-through mortise bolt in its automatic mechanism. These are the recommended type of locks for high-security cabinets and doors. This type of lock is highly preferred, as it is compatible with most access-control programmable systems. The feature abolishes the need of replacing worn-out deadbolts and the re-keying process while avoiding scenarios of unauthorised key duplications. Additionally, this lock has a time- and date-controlled feature that offers extra security measure for your business or home. This will save you money set aside to revamp any existing installed security systems.

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