The Versatility of a Residential Carpenter

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The Versatility of a Residential Carpenter

The Versatility of a Residential Carpenter

13 December 2016
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When you think of a carpenter, the initial image might be quite vague. They work with wood, right? Even if you have a more rounded vision of what they do it might just read as "they make wooden fixtures and fittings." The truth is the residential carpenter can do so much more. All of which will make your life run so much smoother once you know how they can help you. Many of which you may not have realised beforehand. Many people don't realise just how versatile the residential carpenter is. Here are the different types of jobs they can do.


Any wooden frames for windows can be made and installed by your residential carpenter. And because they're a specialist with wooden structures you'll always find that they use quality hardwood for these, and can design artisan windows to your specification.


You may not have considered a carpenter for your flooring, but if you're getting wooden flooring installed there really is no one else more suitable to the job. Again, they can provide a bespoke service as this is the material they are used to working with.


When replacing and hanging your internal doors a carpenter will be the best to contact and employ as they can advise and provide on whichever wood effect you're going for, and will know what would best achieve your desired effect as well as the best way to hang the door to reduce draught and for ease of opening.


By this point you may be quite taken aback at all the different jobs a carpenter can do around your home. They'd also be good to handle your roofing. One of the main reasons for this is that they understand the science of building. A carpenter who understands the science will know how to keep heat in the house, and also how to keep it ventilated. They'd know the best ways to insulate and will be able to identify pre-existing sagging rafters and water damage is any is present.


Cabinetry is a collective word for cabinets. These can be as elaborate or as functional as you require, but if you want the job done by an expert then the only option available, yet again, is to go to your residential carpenter.

There are plenty more jobs that can be performed with residential carpentry, one of the most versatile areas of craftsmanship, that will be beneficial all around the home. Hopefully now you know how versatile they are they'll be in your mind next time that essential job crops up.

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