Services Offered by Excavators

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Services Offered by Excavators

Services Offered by Excavators

16 December 2016
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Civil contractors offer quite a few different services within the excavating area of construction. It is important to hire a professional with the right training and skills for a job like this. Excavating should not be done by your company, because you never know what is under the surface and what damage you might cause. Remember to see the licensing of a professional before you hire him to work on your site. Here are the basic services that civil works contractors will offer in regards to excavation.

Site Excavations

This type of excavation involves removing objects, mainly from the surface of an area. The objects typically removed from an area like this might be rocks, large amounts of soil or anything else that is obstructing construction. While site excavations have traditionally been used to help archeological or historical digs, they are also becoming more helpful to contractors who are building roads and need a smooth surface. The depth of this type of dig is dependent on the reason behind the site excavation and how you will be using the land.

Bridge Excavation

The reason for completing this sort of excavation is to create more stable footing for a bridge. In bridge excavation, the part below the bridge is referred to as wet excavation, while the part above the bridge is referred to as dry excavation.


This type of excavation is exactly what you hear. The excavators will make a trench, which is longer than it is wide. You can use the trench for pipes (such as water pipes) or wiring. The trench digger would be the machine used in this case. Trenching is also a procedure that is done overseas or was done traditionally around important places to keep enemies from sneaking in. However, today's modern purpose means it is used mainly for laying underground materials.

Landscaping Excavation

Landscaping is typically done by a homeowner or business owner to make their land more attractive, by making pathways, ponds or places for a shelter to rest its supports. You, as a contractor, may be called on to hire an excavating service to begin taking out any obstructions before you begin doing the construction.

Footing Excavation

This type of excavation will be done most often at the beginning of building a building. If you will be using concrete, footing excavation will help the concrete to be poured and settled without obstruction. You can also dig out an area to lay the foundation of a building or wall.

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