Key Considerations When You're Selecting Garage Roller Doors

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Key Considerations When You're Selecting Garage Roller Doors

Key Considerations When You're Selecting Garage Roller Doors

19 December 2016
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Roller doors are a clear winner for garages because they are secure and convenient to operate and they use up minimal space. Virtually every garage roller door supplier will tell you their door is the most suitable one for your garage. That should come as no surprise, as everyone is out to increase their sales. You should take your time to research what makes a good roller door, so you can buy the best one. Here are a number of important considerations you need to make before purchasing a garage roller door.

Material selection

It is important for you to be aware that roller doors are not all made of the same material. The most widely used materials are aluminium and steel, but you can also find doors made from fibreglass. Each material has its own qualities, and you should choose a material whose qualities best match your needs. Aluminium roller doors are generally more expensive compared to steel alternatives. This is largely because aluminium offers greater corrosion-resistance than steel, which starts to corrode when dented or even scratched. If you reside in a coastal region, for example, an aluminium roller door would be a better pick over steel. But a fibreglass roller door would be the best option, as it provides 100% resistance to corrosion that may be caused by saltwater.


Whether you like it or not, your garage door will significantly impact the general appearance of your home's exterior. For that reason, it is important that you consider the look and quality of finishing when selecting a roller garage door. Like other exterior doors, your roller garage doors can come in a wide range of nice-looking colours and finishes, and it is up to you to find a door whose appearance is customized for your exteriors. When thinking about aesthetics, you may also need to consider the material of the door, as each material looks different from the other. Consider the appearance of exterior features of your home, such as roof, exterior walls and garden, to make sure you select something that will seamlessly blend in. If you are overwhelmed by the choices available, you can ask your home designer to help you make the right choice.

Operating mechanism

This is often the most overlooked yet one of the most important aspect of roller garage door selection. Provided the door is strong, can hold up against harsh weather elements, looks good and fits, most homeowners tend to forget to think about how they will operate the door. Roller doors come as manual or automatic doors. Manual roller garage doors are operated by accessing the handles usually located centrally or near the base of the door. Automatic doors, on the other hand, are operated using remote-controlled devices. If you are a tech-savvy individual, you will enjoy the convenience of opening and closing your garage doors with a remote-control device. Because of their convenient operation, automatic doors generally cost more than manual ones.

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