Skills that Mining Contractors Should Possess

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Skills that Mining Contractors Should Possess

Skills that Mining Contractors Should Possess

28 December 2016
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Mining jobs have always been a hot cake not only because they have rewarding salaries, but also because one gets a chance to work in first world countries. The thought of changing careers and landing a mining contract comes often. But as you may realize, landing these jobs are not a walk in the park. This article compiles tips that can help you crack an entry level in civil drilling projects.

Analyze your tickets and whether they are recognizable as prior learning

Mining qualification is vast and depends on what path in the mining career you are willing to take. Even with the smallest requirement about the field gives you an opportunity to land an entry level job. Make sure you do not ignore any mining training no matter how simple it may seem. It shows the employer that you are not only dedicated but also willing to learn.

Coal Board Medical Examination

Take the initiative of taking the coal board medical examination before applying for the mining job. The hiring contractor takes this in a positive manner, viewing you as a self-driven person who is ready to start within short notice upon hiring. The medical exam is valid for six months and shows that you are free of drugs and physically fit to start immediately. Having the exam results upon in time pushes your application on top of other applicants.

Have a Positive Mindset about Mining

Most of the time that employers complain that certain employees have a terrible attitude towards their job. Civil drilling projects are competitive and these days companies are looking for the perfect match in the highly crowded market. Having a positive mindset can help you stand out and help you gain the favor of the hiring contractors.

Have the Grits to Succeed

There are thousands of qualified people struggling to get the few available positions in the mining field. On the other hand, mining contractors are willing to use their money to train the right match to help them meet all their expectations. When this may sound like a difficult industry to get your head leave alone get an entry job, having the right attitude, perseverance, tenacity and motivation can help you stand out.

First Impression is Everything

Starting from your application to the presentation when attending an interview, the hiring managers will depict whether you are the right fit at an instance. It is, therefore, important that you work on your attitude and appearance in addition to submitting a clear and concise resume for a civil drilling projects job.

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