4 Benefits of Picking an L-Shaped Bathtub Over a P-Shaped Bathtub

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4 Benefits of Picking an L-Shaped Bathtub Over a P-Shaped Bathtub

4 Benefits of Picking an L-Shaped Bathtub Over a P-Shaped Bathtub

16 January 2017
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It used to be that bathtubs were simply made in the traditional long and straight design, but times have changed. You can now pick up bathtubs that boast an enlarged end at the same end as the taps and shower. With one end of the bath enlarged, you can more easily shower in the tub without feeling cramped or risking a fall.

Of course, there are different types of tub within this new category. The P-shaped bath is popular – its end bulges out with a rounded edge, just like the top of the letter P. However, there are many advantages that come along with fitting an L-shaped bath, which produces a more angular end that creates a tub shaped like an L.

Here are four reasons why you should pick an L over a P.

1. L-Shaped Tubs Make Showering Easier

The whole point of picking up this variety of bathtub is being able to take showers in it more easily. However, P-shaped tubs are better for people who will occasionally take showers in the tub, while L-shaped tubs are ideal for everyday showering. Because of their more angular shape, the end of an L-shaped tub feels more like a traditional shower cubicle and provides more space than a P-shaped alternative.

2. L-Shaped Tubs Maximise Space

Despite the fact that L-shaped tubs offer more showering space, they still work better with smaller bathrooms. Straight lines are more important in smaller bathrooms since less space is wasted, so adding an L-shaped tub is a great way to increase your floor space. This is often a vital concern since people typically need to combine bath and shower when space is already an issue in the bathroom.

3. L-Shaped Tubs Looks More Modern

Most new-builds benefit from shower/bath combos since they tend to be markedly smaller than older properties. That's great for the L-shaped bathtub since they fit in better with more modern styles than the P-shaped bathtub. With their rounded ends, P-shaped tubs really look better with more ornate, period features. With their stronger lines and space-saving style, L-shaped tubs are a great way to enhance modern designs.

4. L-Shaped Tubs Provide Better Child-Bathing Areas

One of the additional benefits of having a tub with one end larger than the other is that it is easier to give your children a bath. With more space to use, you can easily stay on the outside of the tub while they get clean. Since L-shaped tubs provide more space than P-shaped ones, they prove superior for this task.

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