Warning Signs Your Foundation Requires Concrete Repairs

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Warning Signs Your Foundation Requires Concrete Repairs

Warning Signs Your Foundation Requires Concrete Repairs

17 January 2017
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Just because your home looks pristine from the exterior, this does not mean that its structural integrity has not become compromised. This is especially true if you are facing issues with your concrete foundation, as the signs will typically present themselves at the interior of the house. This is why it is essential for homeowners to know how to discern that they need concrete repairs on their foundation at the early stages. Not only can this save you a lot of money in your concrete repairs but it could also mean preventing further damage to the structure of your property. The following are some of the warning signs that your foundation would be in need of concrete repairs.

Noticeable changes in your window and door frames

One of the early signs of a damaged concrete foundation is having trouble operating your doors and windows. For instance, you begin to notice that the windows and doors have started to stick to their jamb when you are attempting to open or close them. Another sign would be if the windows and door have started experiencing trouble fitting into their frames. Lastly, you may find that the window and door frames have developed gaps, leading to drafts inside your residence. It would be advisable to seek the services of concrete contractors to determine how the foundation is damaged and fix the problem before it is aggravated.

Noticeable cracks in your walls

Another sure-fire symptom of impending concrete repairs on your foundation is cracks developing on your walls. Unfortunately, some people tend to ignore the early signs of these cracks especially when they are small, hairline cracks. The reality is that the longer they go unchecked, the more damage is being caused to both the foundation as well as the structure itself. If the cracks in your walls are vertical, it would be indicative of rotation happening in your structure. This is a glaring sign that your foundation has become compromised as it is moving your structure. It should be noted that In some cases, it is the concrete itself that is deteriorating rather than the entire foundation. Therefore, it is always best to have concrete contractors diagnose the cause of the cracks and deal with the problem accordingly.

Noticeable unevenness in your flooring

Your flooring is supposed to be level. In the event that you start to notice it is becoming uneven, it indicates that your home is settling. Leaving this to go on unchecked will steadily cause your floors to become even more slanted. It would be ideal to have concrete repairs carried out in your foundation before the issue is irreversible.

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