Prevention Tips for Concrete Cancer

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Prevention Tips for Concrete Cancer

Prevention Tips for Concrete Cancer

18 January 2017
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Watching out for signs of potential concrete problems in various areas in your home with concrete such as the walls and the floor is usually the key to maintaining the structural integrity of your concrete building. Among the common concrete problems you may experience are concrete cancers. Usually, when a concrete building is being constructed, rebar or steel will be used as reinforcement. The steel may start corroding and expanding with time, which can lead to cracks on the surrounding concrete. This form of cracking is referred to as concrete cancer. Fortunately, it can be prevented and here are a few tips to guide you.

Repair Concrete Cracks as They Occur

Since concrete cancer is associated with cracks, you need to be keen to identify any cracks in your concrete and have them fixed as early as possible. When repairing the cracks, ensure you use the correct concrete sealing products to prevent the cracking from being a recurring issue. The reason you should repair cracks early enough is to prevent them from becoming so extensive that they expose the rebar to the elements.

Find and Fix Any Water Issues

You need to be watchful for any water issues including internal drips, leaks and standing water problems. This is because the concrete surface is usually one of the major avenues water enters your building. If remedial action isn't taken to fix these water issues, there are high chances you will end up with concrete cancer because the moisture contributes to rebar corrosion. After fixing your water issues, the best way to ensure moisture problems aren't the cause of your concrete cancer problem is investing in waterproofing membranes. This way, you won't have to worry about water issues, especially hidden leaks that may find their way through your concrete and cause damage.

Try Chloride Resistant Paints

Painting your concrete with chloride-resistant paints can help prevent concrete cracks too. This is usually an ideal preventive measure if you live in a coastal region where the risk of corrosion related to saltwater is high.

Don't Neglect Regular Concrete Maintenance

Regular concrete check-ups are also essential to keeping your concrete safe from cancer. Therefore, wash and seal your concrete once in a while. If you must do this yourself, it is important that you get it correctly.

With these tips, you don't have to worry about any costly repairs as a result of concrete cancer. However, early detection of concrete cancer signs will help you prevent the problem from becoming severe. Therefore, watch out for drumming or hollow sounds when you walk on your concrete floors or tap on the concrete walls. Other signs include concrete discolouration and crumbling.

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