Roof Construction: Wood or Steel Roof Trusses?

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Roof Construction: Wood or Steel Roof Trusses?

Roof Construction: Wood or Steel Roof Trusses?

18 January 2017
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The building construction industry has come a long way and seems to be fated for better days ahead, thanks to the many innovative construction products being introduced into the market today. One of the new products that is quickly growing in popularity is roof trusses. Many modern building owners are turning to roof trusses because they are considered to be a superior alternative to conventional roof rafters, which used to be the typical choice for most buildings. Roof trusses are stronger and more durable because they are fabricated in a factory shop using high-quality materials.

Roof trusses primarily come in two materials: wood and steel. Here is an overview of both types of roof trusses.

Wood roof trusses

Wood has been used as a construction material for buildings for a very long time. Hence, wood trusses have been around much longer than steel trusses. In terms of installation costs, wood trusses are generally less expensive compared to those made of steel, but they do not last as long. Another major drawback of wood trusses is that they are highly susceptible to the environment and the elements in it: wood trusses are prone to warping, cracking and splitting, and may also need to be pretreated to prevent rot and insect attacks. This leads to higher lifecycle costs and/or more frequent replacement of trusses, compared to steel trusses. Unfavourable weather, such as rain, can also disrupt assembly work, thus increasing downtime. In addition, wood will always burn when a fire accident happens. 

Steel roof trusses

Steel trusses cost more than wood trusses, but their greater strength and more durability explains it all. Steel will not be distorted by most of the things or elements that undermine the structural integrity of wood. Unlike wood, steel will not rot, warp, crack, split or burn when it is exposed to the elements. Hence, construction is not hampered by bad weather. Because they can span greater distances than wood trusses, steel trusses offer much better structural design possibilities for roof constructions. And, in case of a fire, steel will offer better fire resistance.

Both functional, aesthetic and cost considerations are very important in selecting the most appropriate truss for a roof of a certain size, shape and design. Therefore, you should talk with your architect and builder, like those at Prefab Technology Pty Ltd, about all of these factors before you can order roof trusses for a new building or major renovation project. 

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