Three Special Performance Features for Your New Air Conditioner

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Three Special Performance Features for Your New Air Conditioner

Three Special Performance Features for Your New Air Conditioner

16 February 2017
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If your current air conditioning system has broken down or is no longer working efficiently, you should consider purchasing a replacement. This will reduce the energy requirements and consequently, the operational costs for the appliance. Moreover, a modern AC will provide better climate control functions for your home. When shopping for your new air conditioner, you must evaluate the performance features in addition to the practical factors like size. These will determine the expediency and general appeal for long-term use. Here are the most beneficial performance features to consider selecting for your new residential air conditioner.

Multiple Operating Modes

You should purchase an AC with multiple operating modes for ideal climate control. In simple terms, these will help you achieve the specific internal conditions that you prefer with ease and even reduce your total power consumption. In general, a suitable AC should have modes such as auto, fan only, dry, and even heat. The auto function is convenient because the appliance will choose the best functions to use in order to achieve your preferred temperature. The fan only mode is an ideal choice if you want a cool breeze without temperature control. A modern AC should also have humidifier functions; you can select the dry mode for optimal dehumidification. The heat operating mode is available for appliances which can pump heat from the outdoors into the house.

Human Sensors

There are AC units which are designed to detect the presence of people in a room. The primary advantage of acquiring a system with this capability is the reduction of excessive power consumption attached to the indiscriminate function of the appliance. Basically, the sensors connected to the product will activate the climate control functions when a person's presence is identified. In some advanced models, the cooling or heating air will be directed to the detected individual. This can reduce wastage of power in cooling unoccupied parts of the house. If you purchase a unit with sensor performance features, you should ensure that there is a restart delay. This is a protective feature which prevents the AC unit from being activated within a short period of being turned off.

Sleep Settings

If you find it difficult to choose the right AC settings to use when sleeping, you should acquire an AC unit with an automated sleep function. This feature is designed to gradually adjust the temperature of the indoor unit as you sleep. Therefore, the appliance will not have to work unnecessarily hard or even uncomfortably loudly when you are asleep.

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