Not Just a Pretty Face: 4 Reasons Why Glass Splashbacks Are A Practical Addition To Your New Kitchen

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Not Just a Pretty Face: 4 Reasons Why Glass Splashbacks Are A Practical Addition To Your New Kitchen

Not Just a Pretty Face: 4 Reasons Why Glass Splashbacks Are A Practical Addition To Your New Kitchen

21 February 2017
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Glass splashbacks are an increasingly popular addition to modern kitchen design. It's easy to see why, they're sleek, beautiful, and add extra light to any kitchen. If you're considering installing glass splashbacks in your kitchen renovation project, you'll be pleased to know that they're also an extremely practical material for use in the kitchen. Here are four reasons why glass splashbacks are more than just a pretty face. 

1. They're tough

Glass splashbacks aren't made from fragile glass that will shatter at the first impact from a utensil or pot lid. They're made from specially made glass that is toughened during the manufacturing process to withstand the rigours of kitchen use. They're also resistant to heat, making them safe to use in areas near hot plates and ovens.

2. They're hygienic

Glass splashbacks are made and designed to fit the exact measurements of the area they are being installed on. This means you have a seamless surface with no cracks or crevices where food scraps and moisture can be caught in, which can breed harmful bacteria. This makes glass splashbacks superior to tile splashbacks, where the grout can be a haven for bacterial, fungal, and mould growth.

3. They're low maintenance

Glass splashbacks are great because they're so easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe over with a damp cloth and an occasional clean with some simple glass cleaner is more than enough to keep them looking pristine. Unlike other splashback styles, such as timber, tile, and stainless steel, glass splashbacks don't require regular coating or treatment with specialised products to maintain their good looks and functionality.

4. They're stain resistant

Glass is an excellent choice for kitchen splashbacks because it's virtually impossible to stain it. The surface is non-porous, so any food that may be splattered during the cooking process, including the usual culprits of red wine, bolognese sauce, or pumpkin soup, will wipe off leaving no trace. It's also impervious to acid etching from lemon juice and vinegar, unlike other splashback surfaces which can be permanently blemished by these liquids.

Glass splashbacks will make a wonderful addition to the overall look and functionality of your new kitchen. With a virtually unlimited array of colours and styles available, they'll also give your kitchen a unique and highly personalised look. For more information, contact your local glass splashback specialists. They can help you to decide which style and colour splashback will perfectly complement the overall design of your kitchen renovation project.

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