Emergency Plumbing: Tips to Spotting Impending Pipe Repairs

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Emergency Plumbing: Tips to Spotting Impending Pipe Repairs

Emergency Plumbing: Tips to Spotting Impending Pipe Repairs

23 February 2017
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Not many people will consider pipe repair as part of their routine plumbing care and maintenance routine. This is largely because the pipes are located within the walls or under flooring. Hence, it is out of sight and out of mind. This does not mean that your pipes will be immune to damage. There are an array of damages that your piping could acquire, and if they are not detected early, it could lead to exorbitant repairs and water damage in your home.

It is, therefore, essential for homeowners to know how to spot that there may be trouble brewing in their piping system that would require professional attention. So what are some of the tips to spotting impending pipe repairs?

Tip 1: Water contamination

Mild water contamination may not be easy to spot due to technologies such as water softening as well as water softening treatments. Nevertheless, if you find that your water is visibly murky, then there could be a serious underlying problem with your pipes. It is essential to have an emergency plumber come in to diagnose the problem post haste to prevent the risk of compromising the health of your loved ones.

Tip 2: Brown stains on your walls

Your pipe work typically runs throughout your entire home, despite the fact that it is hidden behind your walls. In the event that the pipes have started to develop corrosion, the signs could begin to manifest on your walls. A mistake some people make is ignoring these stains, assuming it is just part of the home being old. The reality is that if the corrosion has already permeated into your walls, it would mean that the pipes have developed severe rusting. It would be advisable to hire an emergency plumber who can come, diagnose the extent of the corrosion, and provide you with replacement piping.

Tip 3: Surface damage on exposed pipes

One thing to note about your home's pipe work is that it was most probably all installed at the same time. Therefore, if you begin to notice signs of damage on pipes that are exposed, such as in the basement, chances are this damage has spread to your entire network of pipes. Some types of damage that you should be on the lookout for include cracks on the piping, formation of holes and more. Leaving these damages unattended will lead to an eventual leak in your piping system.

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