Key Safety Guidelines You Should Follow When You Need to Core Drill through Concrete

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Key Safety Guidelines You Should Follow When You Need to Core Drill through Concrete

Key Safety Guidelines You Should Follow When You Need to Core Drill through Concrete

28 February 2017
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Concrete core drilling is not a job for the faint-hearted. It is a job that only those who are bold and of course qualified should do. Concrete is popular for its robustness, but it is this same quality that makes core drilling through the material a dangerous job. Here is a run-through of some potential hazards that workers have to be protected from during concrete core drilling jobs.

Projectile hazards

The risk of suffering from injuries caused by flying particles, such as dust and small pieces of debris, is always present when it comes to concrete core drilling. Concrete dust is known to cause silicosis, a disease that occurs as a result of excessive exposure to silica-containing dust. The small chips of concrete that turn airborne can also cause serious injuries to construction workers operating core drilling equipment. 

To protect against the concrete dust, the core drilling should be done with water, a technique called wet drilling. The use of water helps trap the harmful concrete dust before it can become airborne. Respirators should also be provided to minimise exposure to the dust.

To ensure those operating drilling equipment are protected from small bits of concrete flying in all directions as the drills come in contact with the concrete surface, concrete contractors should provide personal protective equipment, such as safety googles for eye protection, full-length aprons to protect the skin, and hard hats to prevent head injuries.  

Faulty equipment

As you can imagine, the core drills used to cut through concrete material must be very powerful. Only trained and experienced workers should be allowed to operate the drills. If concrete core drilling machines are not maintained well, they can be a cause of serious injuries at the workplace, even if they are operated by competent personnel. Faulty equipment can malfunction when being used and in the process cut or harm the operator in some other way. 

The best way to prevent this is to make sure concrete core drilling equipment is inspected by professional technicians prior to each use. This way, any issue with the equipment can be fixed before the concrete cutting begins. 

As a concrete contractor, ensuring safety at the workplace should always be your number-one priority. Do not ignore any potential safety hazards, as you may have to pay a lot of money as compensation for injuring your workers. It pays to comply with safety rules and regulations. 

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