How to Plan Your Marine Berthing Construction

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How to Plan Your Marine Berthing Construction

How to Plan Your Marine Berthing Construction

7 October 2019
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If you are a boat owner, then you will understand that you can't just moor your boat anywhere you want to. Most locations have restrictions on permanent mooring spots, and on anchoring as well. Even if anchoring is permitted at a location, that doesn't mean that it is an ideal place to leave an unattended boat. If you want to be able to use your boat effectively, then you will need to find a marina or another location where the boat can be left when not in use. If you don't have a suitable berthing location nearby, then you may need to consider constructing one yourself, and that means you must find a company that specialises in marine berthing construction.

What type of berth do you need?

While you may think you know what you want from your new berth, it is always worth talking through your options with an expert with suitable experience. They will be able to safeguard your investment by making certain that nothing important is missed during the design stage and that the berth is constructed in a safe and structurally sound manner. Before you begin your planning, you should discuss your requirements with your marine berthing construction company. Two areas you should give particular attention to are the following:

What Types of Boats You Will Cater to

Are you planning to build a private facility for your own boat, or do you want the capacity to allow a larger number of boating enthusiasts to take advantage of the marina? Allowing a shared marina could significantly reduce your share of the costs or allow you to recover your costs through fees at a later stage, but it does involve detailed planning. Think about preparing for boats of differing shapes and sizes to maximise your marina's appeal to others.

 Marina Flexibility

Who will use your marina? Are you planning on catering to smaller consumers or larger cargo vessels? Think about how easy it will be for cargo boats to get loaded at your docks or how friendly the area may be for smaller vessels. What facilities will each of these clients need from you? Then think about whether customer requirements could change over time and how you might respond to that. Consider including space for large cargo vessels as well as a floating dock that can be placed in the area to allow smaller boats a berthing space, just in case the larger vessels no longer call. Taking a flexible approach is key to the success of your marine berthing construction plan, and it is easiest to do that if you have planned carefully from the start.

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