A Guide On Land Subdivision

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A Guide On Land Subdivision

A Guide On Land Subdivision

18 January 2021
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Land subdivision can be an involved process. However, it is one of the easiest ways to increase your property's value and make it attractive to potential buyers and developers. Below is an extract discussing how to subdivide your land. 

People subdivide land due to various reasons. For instance, it could be that you want to sell a portion of the property, develop the land, or bequeath it to your family. You must be cautious when subdividing land for real estate development. Ideally, you should conduct some market research to ensure that you will make a profit. For instance, check the value and the demand for land in the area. If you intend to develop the property, determine the required funds. Besides, check whether there are developers or real estate companies that are willing to form partnerships. 

A lands surveyor will guide you through the subdivision process. Consider the following when hiring a subdivision lands surveyor: 

  • The surveyor should be licenced to work in your state. It is a guarantee that he or she understands zoning and local council land laws.
  • The surveyor should have an excellent reputation. Besides, they should have a membership with professional surveying associations.
  • Inquire about the surveyor's availability. You will need a surveyor dedicated to your project if you need the subdivision complete in the shortest possible time.
  • Check the surveyor's services. Other than surveying, some professionals will also help you install power and water on the property. The surveyor should have professional liability insurance. 

The surveyor's first task is to establish the zoning regulations in the area. For example, is the area zoned for commercial, residential, or industrial use? They will then assess the subdivision laws in your area. For instance, are there restrictions regarding the size of the subdivided plots? Are property owners compelled to install amenities such as water, gas, and access roads? Besides, you may be required to create a stormwater drainage system to prevent flooding on the property. If the land is close to a water body, the surveyor will assess riparian land laws. 

The surveyor will check planning maps to determine the boundaries of your property. They will then create a subdivision map detailing how they intend to subdivide the property. The local council must approve this plan. After approval, the surveyor will subdivide the property and install the necessary amenities. The surveyor will then follow up with the lands office to ensure each plot has a title. 

When subdividing property, determine the purpose of the subdivision, work with a reputable surveyor, examine land planning laws and observe the recommended subdivision tips. For more information about subdivision, contact a local surveyor.

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