How To Interview Your Demolitions Contractor

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How To Interview Your Demolitions Contractor

How To Interview Your Demolitions Contractor

19 May 2021
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House demolition is vital when you need to renovate your home or put up an existing structure where another one stands. As a rule, house demolitions should be conducted by experienced demolition contractors. The excerpt below discusses some questions that you should ask your demolition contractor. The primary objective of these questions is to help you evaluate the contractor's expertise and suitability for your project. 

Do You Have a Valid Licence?

Most clients will often forget to assess the contractor's licence. However, it is one of the most vital considerations when hiring a demolition contractor. An operating licence is a guarantee that the contractor understands the local demolition laws. For example, some types of property, especially those with historical significance, should not be demolished. The contractor will also submit a demolition plan to secure a licence to pull down the structure. 

How Will You Demolish The Building? 

It will help you to establish the contractor's expertise. Below are some activities that the contractor should conduct while pulling down the structure: 

  • When demolishing a portion of the building, the contractor will require the building's blueprints to determine how they can conduct the works without affecting the house's structural integrity.
  • The contractor should visit the property to assess the viability of the project and any challenges that they could face. For instance, they may need to use your neighbour's property if your property is inaccessible or small.
  • The contractor should prepare the property for demolition. For example, they should disconnect utilities and remove any fittings that can be reused.
  • The professional should determine a suitable method to pull down the structure. For instance, small plant equipment would be ideal when demolishing a part of the building. The implosion will help demolish whole structures within seconds. 

What Safety Measures Will You Observe? 

The contractor must prioritise safety at the site. For instance, they should remove dangerous materials such as asbestos before commencing the demolition works. Additionally, the contractor must control pollution at the site. For example, they could dampen the structure or use a water curtain to prevent dust pollution. All site personnel must have protective equipment. 

What Are Your Terms? 

Each contractor will have their own terms. Therefore, it would be wise to assess the terms of engagement before signing the contract. For example, how long will the contractor take to demolish the structure? How much will they charge? Besides, check the services offered. For instance, you would want the contractor to clear the demolition debris. 

When hiring a demolition contractor, assess their licencing, demolition plan, safety protocol, and terms. 

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