5 Reasons to Use Ground Penetrating Radar for Your Construction Project

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5 Reasons to Use Ground Penetrating Radar for Your Construction Project

5 Reasons to Use Ground Penetrating Radar for Your Construction Project

4 January 2022
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Ground penetrating radar is a technology that makes it possible to see what is under the ground without doing any excavation work. This technology is incredibly useful in the construction industry, where it can prevent a lot of unnecessary work. Here are a few reasons to use ground penetrating radar in your next construction project.

1. Preview Problems

Some construction sites pose problems, such as areas of loose soil or regions that are prone to erosion. Ground penetrating radar allows you to find out about these potential issues before the first shovel enters the ground, which means that you can plan around them. For example, you might change your plans to move the foundations of the building away from problem areas or do extra work to provide the stable foundation that your new building needs.

2. Avoid Excavation

In the past, the only way to know for sure what lay underneath a construction site was to excavate it. Schematics could be used to get an idea of the lie of the land, but they often did not include all details, which could lead to delays and other problems once work started. Excavation was one way to be certain what lay beneath the site but was costly, time-consuming, and messy. Today, you can use ground penetrating radar and avoid wasting time and resources on unnecessary excavations.

3. Do Not Disturb the Neighbours

Excavation is noisy and disruptive to people living or working close to the construction site. Ground penetrating radar is a quiet alternative. The equipment makes no noise, which means that there is a lower risk of getting complaints from neighbouring homes or businesses. As a result, the technology is very popular among construction companies working in urban areas.

4. Get Accurate Results

Ground penetrating radar produces very accurate results when it is used to survey a construction site. The radar is capable of penetrating the majority of materials, which means that it can provide a clear picture of the underground nature of the site, no matter what the soil type or level of rockiness.

5. Increase Profitability of Construction Projects

Ground penetrating radar can help you to put in an accurate bid for a construction project. You can be sure that no nasty surprises will throw your work off schedule or cause the budget to expand. As a result, you can stick to the proposal you outlined and maximise your profit. 

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