Important Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Retaining Wall Built on Your Property

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Important Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Retaining Wall Built on Your Property

Important Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Retaining Wall Built on Your Property

11 March 2022
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If you're ready to have a retaining wall built at your home, you'll want to avoid the common mistakes that some people make when taking on this type of project. These are all mistakes that you could possibly make but that you can work carefully to avoid. Just be mindful of the things on this list, and work with a good retaining wall building contractor, and you should be totally happy with the retaining wall that you have installed.

Installing Without a Permit

Since you might be dealing with an erosion issue on your property, or since you could be concerned about flooding, you might assume that installing a retaining wall on your property is an excellent idea. You might assume that your local code enforcement professionals would agree with you, but you will not know this until you get a permit. After all, there are some pretty strict rules about where and how retaining walls can be installed in many places. Therefore, don't get started with planning for or building your retaining wall until you have gotten a permit.

Not Having it Built With Block

You can have a retaining wall built from another material, but one top option is to have your retaining wall built from block or stone. Stone or block retaining walls are long-lasting, attractive, and affordable to build, making them a good choice.

Not Ensuring There's a Sturdy Foundation

Your retaining wall will need to be properly built so it will hold up well, even against wind, water and more. In order for your retaining wall to be properly built, it will need to have a nice, secure foundation. Make sure that you choose a retaining wall building contractor who will focus on building a good, strong foundation so that the rest of the retaining wall will have a proper base.

Not Making it Decorative

Of course, you don't have to have your retaining wall decorated, since you might mostly be having it installed for practical reasons. However, you are probably going to be making a mistake if you don't make an effort to be sure that it's decorative. After all, even smaller retaining walls can become a bit of a focal point on the properties where they are installed.

If you're interested in installing a retaining wall on your property, then you should think carefully about how to avoid these mistakes. Luckily, if you work with a retaining wall building contractor, you can get help with installing a retaining wall without making any mistakes in the meantime.

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