3 Primary Advantages of Using Non-Destructive Digging

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3 Primary Advantages of Using Non-Destructive Digging

3 Primary Advantages of Using Non-Destructive Digging

14 July 2022
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Building newer infrastructure can boost the economy and enhance a person's quality of life. However, it's imperative to consider the overall impact it can have on the environment and neighbouring communities. One way to minimise the effect of infrastructure projects on the community and environment is to use non-destructive digging (NDD).

 Also known as vacuum excavation, non-destructive digging is considered the most efficient and safest technique to expose or excavate underground utilities. It utilises sucker trucks that combine compressed air lances, pressurised water jets and air suction to expose underground utilities. It's ideal for projects that demand exposing buried utilities, including drainage pipes, water mains, gas and telecommunication lines. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits of non-destructive digging.

It's Much Safer

When compared with other conventional excavation methods, non-destructive digging is much safer. Often, your worksite might contain numerous underground utilities with poor mapping.

Conventional excavation techniques can put these utilities at high risk when installing or repairing specific underground utilities. However, NDD allows for safer excavation without damaging essential utilities like water and gas mains or putting workers at risk. 

It's Cost-Efficient  

Non-destructive digging also boasts excellent cost-efficiency. This technique guarantees low damage risk to underground utilities, reduced liabilities and enhanced operator safety. Generally, conventional excavation methods are time-consuming and expose underground utilities to high damage risk. 

Damaged utilities can be expensive to repair or replace. Besides, damage to essential utilities like gas or telecom lines can cause considerable disruptions to thousands of residents in that location. 

However, non-destructive digging employs a logical approach and strategic plan to excavate the ground and cause minimal or zero chance of damage. That, in turn, saves you more money on repair or replacement costs and labour. 

It's Environmentally Friendly

One of the most environmentally friendly excavation techniques is non-destructive digging. Vacuum excavation trucks come equipped with appropriate equipment to safely suck up all the debris and allow for a quicker, cleaner and more precise excavation. 

Consequently, this ensures that your worksite is clean, allowing faster soil restoration to its previous state after completion of the project. NDD is also quiet, unlike mechanical excavations with excessive noise pollution. That means the local community and wildlife will suffer fewer disruptions. 


Non-destructive excavation is a faster, safer and more cost-efficient excavation technique today. If you plan to work around underground utilities like gas and water mains, sewer systems or telecommunication lines, consider the benefits of using non-destructive digging. To learn more about non-destructive digging, contact a local service.

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