Steps for DIY Grinding and Sealing of Your Concrete Driveway

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Steps for DIY Grinding and Sealing of Your Concrete Driveway

Steps for DIY Grinding and Sealing of Your Concrete Driveway

27 October 2016
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Concrete grinding is a technique that is meant to restore the surface of concrete to its initial state, appearance, and functionality. It can also improve the durability of concrete surfaces by increasing its resilience to heavy traffic, chemical attack, and abrasion. If you wish to undertake DIY grinding of your concrete driveway, you need to be aware of the steps that should be undertaken in this process. Doing so will ensure that you carry out the project successfully to attain a beautiful, durable, and functional concrete driveway.

Here are the steps that you should follow for successful grinding of your concrete driveway.

Choose a concrete grinder

A concrete grinder is a piece of equipment that is used to loosen old coatings on the concrete surface, level it, and restore its initial look when it was newly installed. Concrete grinders are available in various configurations; therefore, ensure that you read the instruction manual for operation and safety tips. The concrete grinders come with diamond tools, and they can be for dry or wet applications. Understand the equipment you have before setting out to work so that you can operate it correctly.

Prepare the surface

Once you have the right equipment for the job, the next step is to prepare your driveway. Get rid of any debris, leaves, and fallen tree branches on the surface. Also, inspect the surface for any cracks or potholes. You may want to repair these surface defects before grinding and polishing the concrete to ensure that you have an even surface. Note that if any repairs are necessary, you should only grind the concrete after the repaired surface is properly cured.

Grind the concrete

The diamond tools on concrete grinders help in removing the coatings on the surface and loosen worn concrete to leave a level surface for polishing. Diamond is used in this case as it is among the hardest materials that can grind into almost any material. If the grinder is designed for wet applications, you should dampen the floor with some water.

Move the grinder from side to side along the concrete driveway to prevent the occurrence of swirl marks on the surface. Go over the surface several times if needed until you achieve a level and smooth concrete surface.

Clean and seal the surface

Cleaning the concrete surface after grinding will get rid of the debris left behind. You can also use concrete dissolvers to saturate any areas that may be hard to clean. After the surface is dry, use a concrete sealer to seal and protect the driveway from weather elements and chemical attack. Ensure that you choose a quality water and chemical resistant sealant for the job.

Concrete grinding may require a little practice before getting a hang of it. You should hire a concrete contractor is the project proves difficult or if the concrete is severely damaged and requires intensive restoration. For more information, contact a business such as Robert Guy & Sons Pty Ltd.

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