Carport or Garage

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Carport or Garage

Carport or Garage

1 December 2016
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You know that you want some sort of shelter to protect your car. You don't want it to constantly be degraded by the sun, rain, or hail. Maybe what you want to protect is not even a car: you have a boat. Either way, you know you need to act. The question now is: should you build a carport or a garage? Below, you will see listed the benefits of each and can decide which one makes more sense for you.


Garages have a lot more options for features that you can build into them. Garages offer options such as heated flooring and a storage area for tools. Because the garage will be completely enclosed, it is less likely that someone will be able to enter, whereas with carports, you would not be able to store additional items as they would be easily seen and/or stolen. Additionally, garages look more professional, and depending on the neighborhood where you live, a garage can be exactly what would fit and increase the value of your lot. There are also quite a few options for how you want to build the garage. You can do it yourself or contract a service. A service will be sure to correctly create any extras you want to have. However, garages are also the more expensive option when compared to carports.


Carports are less expensive than garages, and if what you mainly need is roof over your car when you are not driving it, this may be the solution for you. The first benefit of a carport is the amount of money you need to build one. There are several options to how you could build your carport. You could choose to make it freestanding or connected to your driveway. There is also a carport model that is portable, something to consider if you move frequently and do not want to invest in something you will have to leave behind.

Another benefit that a carport offers is that it requires a reduced construction time. You can be using your carport before a garage would be finished. This can be helpful in case of immediate need. Additionally, carports have fewer legal boundaries and permits necessary, which also helps speed the process along.

Last of all, the carport's design allows the air to flow over the vehicle, keeping it from staying moist in an enclosed space. You would not need to perform much maintenance for a carport, making it the easier option for contracting and building to protect your car.

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