Ply Board Flooring: What's In It for Homeowners?

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Ply Board Flooring: What's In It for Homeowners?

Ply Board Flooring: What's In It for Homeowners?

21 December 2016
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One of the most important features of any home is the floors. If you are thinking about building a new home, your floors are therefore one installation you will need to choose wisely. One of the newest flooring options available on the construction market today is ply board flooring. Read on to find out why you should consider this type of flooring for your new home construction project.

Heat insulation

In cold weather, some floor types, such as concrete and ceramic tiles, can get really cold, making you and your family feel uncomfortable under the feet. This may require you to place carpeting or rugs over existing flooring so you can feel warmer. This can be rather expensive. With ply board flooring, there is no need for extra insulation, as the wood from which ply board is made naturally has good heat-insulating qualities.

Long service life

The good thing with ply board floors is that they can be revamped back to new over and over again so as to provide years and years of service. When the floors start to wear out, they can be accorded a new lease of life by simply sanding and polishing them. This can prove to be very cost effective over the long term, as you will be able to avoid the high costs associated with complete removal and replacement of old floors.

Green building

If you are passionate about going green, you will find ply board flooring to be an ideal choice for your home construction project. You can gain solace in the fact that the ply board you will use is sourced from managed forest plantations, which ensure harvested trees are replaced by planting more trees.


The benefits of ply board flooring can also be realised when it is used together with other flooring materials. For example, you do not have to remove a concrete floor before you can install a new ply board flooring, as you can simply install the new floor onto the old one. This will save you both time and money.

When it is finally time to remove your ply board flooring, you will be happy to know that nothing will go to waste. Ply board that is still in good shape will be salvaged and repurposed, be it by you or by someone else. Therefore, you should seriously consider using ply board flooring for your new home construction project.

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