New Home Build: Floor Coverings You Could Consider For Your Bathroom

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New Home Build: Floor Coverings You Could Consider For Your Bathroom

New Home Build: Floor Coverings You Could Consider For Your Bathroom

16 January 2017
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If you have chosen to remodel your bathroom or if you are constructing one from scratch, a priority to have would be the materials to choose for your flooring. A mistake to avoid is simply making a selection of flooring materials based on their price. The reality is your choice of materials will determine the longevity of your flooring as well as the ease of maintenance. Here are some of the different floor covering that you could consider or your bathroom.

Ceramic tiling

A traditional material that has stood the test of time for bathroom flooring is ceramic tiling. However, if this would be your preferred material, you need to ensure that the tiles are glazed. The glazing makes the tiles non-porous, which not only function to prevent moisture absorption but would also ease the cleaning of the floor. Ceramic tiles remain a popular option due to the ease of installation. In addition to this, in the event your floor is to acquire damage, tiles can easily be individually replaced.

Ceramic tiles come in a wide assortment of colours and patterns, which would be ideal for homeowners looking to enhance the visuals of their flooring. It should be noted that glazed tiles tend to become extremely slippery when wet. Therefore, you should have some bathroom rugs to contend with this limitation.

Natural stone

Although one of the more expensive alternatives you could consider for your bathroom flooring, natural tiles happen to be one of the more durable options that you could opt for. Therefore, if you would like to reduce the risk of routine repair and maintenance, then natural stone tiles would be an ideal investment for you. Natural stone tiles also come in an array of options, which gives you a wide selection to choose from. Some of the different types of stone tiles that you could contemplate include limestone, slate, marble or even granite. An added advantage of stone tiles is that they can match the countertops in your bathroom. This works to create a seamless appearance in your bathroom.

Lastly, natural stone tiles are great for wet areas since they have a rough surface. This traction gives the stone tiles slip-resistance, hence decreasing the chances of accidents in the bathroom. It should be noted that natural stone tiles could become extremely cold, especially during the winter months. You may, therefore, have to consider investing in under-floor heating to keep them comfortable no matter what season of the year it is. Contact new home builders for more advice and information.

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