3 Additions Which Will Make Your Rural Shed A More Comfortable Workspace

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3 Additions Which Will Make Your Rural Shed A More Comfortable Workspace

3 Additions Which Will Make Your Rural Shed A More Comfortable Workspace

22 February 2017
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If you've recently purchased a rural property, then you are most likely planning on investing in a quintessential Australian structure, the rural shed. Rural sheds serve many purposes on country properties, from housing livestock to storing machinery and animal feed. Another popular use for sheds is creating a cost-effective and practical structure to use as a workspace such as a wood-working shop, studio or office.

If you intend to use your shed for a workspace, then your shed may need a few additions to make it a comfortable and practical place to work in. Here are three additions that you might like to consider.

1. Roof insulation

Most sheds are made from steel. This makes them tough and durable, but it can also mean that the interior can get very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Like many metals, steel is an excellent conductor of heat, which means that internal and external warmth are rapidly transferred between the interior of your shed and the outside air.

One way to combat this is to use insulation to create a thermal barrier. This will help to reflect the heat of the sun in summer and to retain the interior warmth during winter. For a really comfortable work environment, you can extend the insulation to cover the walls as well.

2. A whirlybird

Whirlybirds are also known as roof ventilators. They're generally made from steel or aluminium and are fixed to the top of sheds to allow fresh air to enter in a controlled manner. They also allow the warm, moist air from the interior of the shed to escape as it rises to the ceiling.

Whirlybirds are vital both for regulating the temperature of your shed and keeping it dry. Unchecked moisture build-up can result in the growth of mould and mildew, which can wreak havoc on equipment and materials.

3. Natural light openings

If you're using your shed as a workspace, it's important to allow natural light to enter and brighten up the internal space. This can sometimes be achieved by simply opening the large roller doors to your shed. However, if the weather is regularly wet or windy, this may not be a feasible option.

Including some natural light openings in the structure of your shed is a valuable addition. You can choose from simple windows in the walls of the shed, or opt for fibreglass roof sheets which act like large skylights. If you need an abundance of natural light, a combination of both of these options might be ideal.

As well as size and functionality, your shed should offer you a comfortable and hospitable environment to work in. These additions will help to ensure that your shed is able to be utilised all-year-round.

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