Metered Out: How Advanced Electrical Metering Can Benefit Your Business

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Metered Out: How Advanced Electrical Metering Can Benefit Your Business

Metered Out: How Advanced Electrical Metering Can Benefit Your Business

27 February 2017
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One of the biggest outgoing expenses for any business, be it an extensive manufacturing concern or a compact service office, is the amount of electricity it uses and consumes. As such, business owners and operators are on constant lookout for new ways to increased their business' electrical efficiency and decrease overall usage, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by utilising advanced metering.

What is advanced metering?

The electrical consumption in any building, be it commercial or residential, is monitored using dedicated electrical meters, but these bog-standard meters can only provide a certain amount of information at a certain level of accuracy. With advanced metering services and equipment, businesses can gain a much deeper insight into how much power they use and the individual tasks that it is used on -- this is achieved with specialised equipment that directly monitors your business' power infrastructure and switchboards.

What are the benefits of advanced metering?

Having these sensitive devices installed on your business property, or hiring them for temporary power monitoring, can have a number of attractive advantages:

Faulty equipment isolation: By monitoring the power draw of each individual piece of equipment at your business facility, advanced metering can tell you when pieces of equipment aren't running at maximum efficiency or have excessive power draws that may indicate electrical or mechanical malfunction. This is an excellent way to uncover minor equipment faults before they become more severe.

Individual usage monitoring: Depending on the calibration of the advanced meters you use, they can determine the power usage of isolated areas of your business ranging from a whole floor to a single section of an office. This allows you to determine whether each section of your business is drawing more or less energy than warranted, increasing overall efficiency and helping you redesign your business space to minimise power usage.

Third party monitoring: If you have a separate business operating in your business space, advanced metering allows you to isolate their power usage statistics from that of your own business, allowing you to create accurate invoices for heating, lighting and other electrical consumption costs.

Investment planning: Advanced metering can also be a tremendous benefit financially. The accurate usage information provided allows you to determine whether equipment should be replaced with newer, more energy efficient models; this is particularly useful when dealing with industrial equipment, as aged machinery can cost more to power over the long term than the price of purchasing a replacement.

Accurate billing: Another financial advantage of advanced metering is that the readings provided allow you to predict the cost of future electricity bills to unprecedented levels of accuracy. Needless to say, your accounting department will appreciate the extra accuracy provided when it comes to calculating future costs.

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